Term Sheet Agreed for Social Stock Exchange

We are pleased to announce the agreement of the Term Sheet for investment in the Social Stock Exchange. With a deal now ‘on the table’, it enables the other investors to evaluate it, respond to it and ensure any necessary refinements are made in order that they can make their final investment decision. This is a significant milestone on the journey to a new kind of capital market, and we are grateful to all the participants for their hard work to get us to this point.

  1. Editor
    12th Jul 2010

    Sounds very interesting, where can we find out more about the Social Stock Exchange and what can we expect to hear next about Panahpur’s involvement.

    • jameselliotperry
      12th Jul 2010

      Watch this space … SSE has not yet gone public, as it is in the private fundraising process. Watch this space for what happens next …

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