Romance Academy

This is the basis of our involvement in Romance Academy:


Romance Academy’s vision is to help young people make informed and wise choices about relationships and delaying sexual activity – so that they may grow in confidence, hope and self-esteem; be given a positive vision of family & community life; and being challenged to take the next step on their personal & spiritual journey

  • Originated with very positive TV program … with potential for follow-up
  • Franchised 3 month training course – mainly through church youth work
  • Opportunity in schools (note: different ‘product’ due to voluntary nature of RA)
  • Opportunity with public policy & influencing
  • Marketing strength
  • Importance of the pledge
  • Potential for roll out a la ‘marriage course’
  • It works! They are focussed on developing measurements
  • Anecdotal evidence that it can be transformational for participating young people
  • Rachel as leader, spokesperson & thinker

We first met two years ago at a Cross Pollinate event (, and met many times as we sought to help them to think about their strategy and develop their ideas into something work-able.

 Panahpur Objective

  1. To work with Romance Academy as the organisation moves from dependence to sustainability
  2. To act as one of two or three core incubator funders 09/10, and on a diminishing basis as they move to financial sustainability
  3. To exit from the funding side of our relationship in 3 years, leaving Romance Academy  as a robust and sustainable new ministry



  • Roll out of academies through licensing
    • Based on a hub strategy
    • Expanding follow-up program
    • Building evidence of effectiveness
  • Develop sex and relationships education in schools
  • Influencing public policy



  • Work together to develop a sustainable funding base
  • Help Romance Academy to fine tune their strategy
  • Recruit Development Manager to drive the roll out
  • Help them build on a good foundation for their governance.



  • A grant of up to £50,000 in 2009-10
  • A grant of up to £25,000 in 2010-11
  • A grant of up to £15,000 in 2011-12
  • Some time resource as all the details are worked through

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