Repairing the Broken Society

Our society, apparently, is ‘broken’.

Why is this?

One reason may be because the marriage, essential for any healthy society, between the financial sector and the social sector has broken down in the UK (and the US). It has broken down because Milton Friedman opened the door to dis-aligned interests when he convinced everyone that ‘the social responsibility of business is to maximise profits’. Dis-alignment between ‘tax planning’ by the financial sector and the insatiable leviathans of the social sector.

Society has an urgent and profound need for this marriage to be patched up, and social investment is cupid.

It is the agent of conciliation because it has the capacity to re-align the interests of these estranged and hurting parties. Cupid is developing more and more arrows – to see them, click through to some of the (admittedly early-stage) pioneers starting to make this happen:

Social Finance

Big Issue Invest

Investing for Good

Bridges Ventures


CAF Venturesome


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