Social Impact Bond

Social Impact Bonds are a form of outcomes-based contract in which public sector commissioners commit to pay for significant improvement in social outcomes (such as a reduction in offending rates, or in the number of people being admitted to hospital) for a defined population. Social Impact Bonds are an innovative way of attracting new investment around
such outcomes-based contracts that benefit individuals and communities.Through a Social Impact Bond, private investment is used to pay for interventions, which are delivered by service providers with a proven track record. Financial returns to investors are made by the public sector on the basis of improved social outcomes. If outcomes do not improve, then investors do not recover their investment.
Social Impact Bonds provide up front funding for prevention and early intervention services, and remove the risk that interventions do not deliver outcomes from the public sector. The public sector pays if (and only if) the intervention is successful. In this way, Social Impact Bonds enable a re-allocation of risk between the two sectors.

Key Info

Issuer NameSocial Finance
Investment NameSocial Impact Bond (Peterborough)
LocationLondon, England
Nature of BusinessPayment-by-Results Contract with government
ImpactReduced Recidivism amongst Short Term Male Offenders
EntrepreneurSocial Finance (David Hutchison, Toby Eccles)
Investment DateSeptember 2010
Total Investment Round£6,000,000
Panahpur Investment£100,000
Nature of InvestmentEquity in LLP
Target Return5-13% IRR
Estimated Redemption2017
Panahpur FundImpact

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