Angello Capital

Angello identify small-to-medium (SME) sized business opportunities in Emerging Europe, focusing on businesses with potential to deliver a ‘double bottom line’, that is, financial profitability combined with
positive transformational impact on their communities. They work with founders and management to turn these business into commercial success stories, delivering profit from owners, employment for workers, and transformation for host communities. Angello has a very powerful objective at its core: By combining the work of investment finance and a development foundation, they bring ‘transformational investment’ to build communities in developing countries.
They channel finance, advice and mentoring to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to create income for families and communities, helping them to thrive socially, financially and spiritually.

Building Value: Transforming Communities

Key Info

Issuer NameAngello Capital Partners
Investment NameAngello Transformational Impact Fund #1
LocationBelfast, Northern Ireland
Nature of BusinessVenture Fund investing in social businesses in Eastern Europe, focussing initially on Moldova
EntrepreneurMalcolm Johnson, Luca Bosatta
Investment DateOctober 2011
Total Investment Round£1,100,000
Panahpur Investment£50,000
Nature of InvestmentEquity in LLP
Target Return3% IRR
Estimated Redemption2020
Panahpur FundImpact

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