OxfordJam Update

Panahpur will be launching our new publication at the must-attend guerilla Social Investment event of the year – yes … Oxford Jam. Ring Master Ben Metz is busy cranking up his publicity machine, which means that all of your devices will have the same inbound messaging. In case you haven’t yet heard, and in Ben’s own words:

“Things are warming up ahead of OxfordJam this year.  We are again running in parallel to the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford from 28th to 30th March.  Get the dates in your diary!

Last year more than 700 Social Entrepreneur leaders attended, from the UK and across the world.  This year we have a new venue, more than double the size of last year.  Check out Arts at The Old Firestation to have a look around!

Last year we noticed that a lot of people had something to offer or were looking to meet a particular need.  This year we are opening The Marketplace to match these offers to needs, and vice versa.  We’ll have a large space dedicated to The Marketplace and we hope to fill it with all manner of Market-y type activities.

Last year OxfordJam was a totally analogue gig.  This year we are going digital and will be using Pathable to create an online community – OxfordJam Live!  This allow all participants to design their schedule, communicate with all attendees and engage with The Marketplace virtually.

OxfordJam Live!, our online community goes live any day.  The initial schedule will go up at the same time.  Watch this space for more information – and spread the word!”

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