IBEX General Meeting

Yesterday’s IBEX AGM was superb. What a brilliant idea, for us to place some of our capital with a fund that then lends it to Christians running businesses in challeging parts of the world with the aim of sharing their faith. Not only do they provide unsecured debt, it comes with great mentoring and oversight. As the debt is repaid, then so the fund is paid down. We invested £100,000 two years ago, and we have started to receive our capital back out. The fund turns over in about 7 years, so we should expect about £14,285 per year back. IBEX has capacity to lend more (and mentor more businesses), and they also have the ‘lending propositions’, people who need the funds to develop their businesses. So Craig and the team are fundraising. If you want Craig’s details, let me know – we are very pleased to have some of our funds used by IBEX, and we are open to the idea of making further investments.

  1. Editor
    10th Jun 2010

    This sounds like a genuine win-win for all concerned.
    It would be interesting to know a little bit more about IBEX.
    Do they have a website available?

  2. jameselliotperry
    10th Jun 2010

    Alas, they don’t have a website. This is because the companies that they fund are in places where the authorities can be pretty hostile to ‘faith motivated’ enterprise – many horror stories – so they have to keep under the radar. I have details if you are interested.

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