How to Turn a Woman into a Cash Machine

Phil, a leader of the anti-human trafficking movement was telling me this morning about a horrible technique underway in northern Europe – and probably elsewhere too – for turning a woman into a machine.
Devised by certain gangs, the system works as follows:
1. Help man to find ‘mail order bride’ (in this example, from Thailand)
2. Foster cocaine dependence in ‘imported’ Thai woman
3. Help Thai woman to find a way to pay for her addiction – making introductions into the sex trade (prostitution)
4. Supply her drugs (and continue to facilitate her earning potential)
By doing this, the gangs are committing the minor offence of small-time dealing, which does not carry a custodial sentence. So the risk is managed effectively.
And the woman is essentially turned into a piece of capital equipment, a machine: put to work (at sex) and given fuel upon which she is dependent to function (cocaine), to produce cash.
The police are not very interested, not surprisingly – achieving a conviction is extremely difficult, the women are reluctant to ‘assist’ with any enquiries due to intimidation and addiction, and the crime – at the end of the day – is a minor one.
We are working with Phil on a project to tell some of the stories of people like these, using new media. The open access part of this project is at!/oasisindia but the project really gets interesting for subscribing members, where some of the true stories can be told, in real time. If you are interested in joining that group, email me at Voyeurs need not apply.

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