Fate of the World is launched!

With all the extraordinary energy that has suddenly gravitated into this new frontier of social capitalism, i neglected to announce an investment that we made in August, into Red Redemption Ltd, the social enterprise behind a new game, Fate of the World. The beta of the game was launched a few weeks back, and has attracted extraordinary media attention (just search for Fate of the World).

Gaming is potentially the most powerful educational tool invented since the classroom. Yet thus far, it has mostly been exploited by for-profit enterprise. The lowest risk, highest return is shoot-em-ups, Grand Theft Auto etc, so this is a valid decision for a financial investor.

Anything which seeks to really unleash the educational power whilst competing for entertainment value is higher risk … so requires a more socially-motivated investor. This is why we invested, and i hope that Fate of the World is the success it deserves to be when it launches in February 2011.

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