Exclusive: It was Caliban Wot Done it!

Shock! It turns out that their huge readerships give the media power. And the biggest readerships like them to go out and scalp people. To do this, the media must sometimes be manipulative and nasty –and exercise power without (much) responsibility. Naturally, in such a culture, overbalancing from breaking the spirit of the law to breaking the letter of the law becomes little more than a daily occupational hazard.
Horror! Politicians need votes, which come from readerships. And they have information. So, being rational, they enter into a pact with those who control access to the voter.
Gasp! The police are party to the secrets of powerful people – like politicians. They inevitably spend their time in the criminal world, an extreme and intense place. To modestly paid and modestly appreciated men & women who live in such a context, is a few quid for a few titbits so bad – relative the crimes they experience every day?

All these things are open secrets.

They were easy to ignore whilst they were all atomised, whilst we could pretend that the dots weren’t joined up – and when no one wanted to rock the boat. But they are impossible to ignore when they are revealed to us with such clarity, like the features of a face.

The interesting question, of course, is that of whose face it is.

Do we dare to consider that it might just be a face that is as old as the hills, and well known to us – the face of Caliban, raging at his own reflection?

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