Ecclesiastical Insurance joins Social Capital Movement

Christian Today reports that Ecclesiastical Insurance have crossed the rubicon in starting to look at their capital as a positive tool to use for their mission, rather than a force for exclusively financial return, which needs to be defensively managed. We are delighted with this wonderful news and welcome it wholeheartedly. We are extremely grateful to Ecclesiastical Insurance for having the courage to ‘go public’ and make this progressive stand. Below is an extract from Christian Today’s report:

“Ethical investment need not be just about avoiding bad investments. It can also help the church achieve its mission aims, says Ecclesiastical Insurance’s senior SRI analyst.

Speaking at a conference hosted by Barings last week, Neville White said there many new opportunities opening up in the area of SRI – socially responsible investment or ‘impact investing’ – which could allow faith investors to go beyond the conventional model of avoiding certain investments and financial activities, to proactively investing in a way that correlates their wider mission with the investment process.

He said: “Investment is changing and it should no longer be seen as a ‘vanilla’ common investment fund process – one size fits all. Sustainability is now a buzzword among boardrooms and asset managers.

“We’ve very definitely moved from applying an avoidance model to something truly complex and exciting.

“There is no better time than now to invest in an investment model whose time has come and where the ability to deliver real social benefits is only limited by the speed at which new products and services can come to market.””

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