Carry On … up St Pauls!

By Andrew Perry, Chairman

O, how enjoyable has been the short, or possibly, long running comedy playing out on the steps of our greatest institutional monument. All “gas and gaiters” – bishops and archbishops, even Prime Ministers and Boris, all getting their four’ penny worth.

The protestors a sort of amateur version of the ancient prophets, who would speak profound truths even though few understood them. But, as truly committed professionals, these prophets would do proper stuff, like marry harlots, dance naked, sit under juniper trees. They shook the establishment by their persistent cries, however inarticulate. The cocked eyebrow of the establishment will not, of course, be impressed by any of this.

And what about the treasury custodians of Church establishment finances? Contrary to what many think, these are ‘good and faithful servants’. Like the Israelite slaves in Egypt who had to make bricks without straw, these men and women have to support a monumental edifice (Church,diocese, stipend,pension and all the rest) with declining (financial) return and zero growth in church attendance.
More to the point is the encouraging sign that many treasury officials are trying with some success to persuade their more conservative colleagues to take a more holistic view of Capital and Investment. The emerging market of Social Investment is a place where the more brutish aspects of capitalism can be changed.

So “What would Jesus do”? He was not one for health and safety and he was used to camping out. He can speak for Himself but I think He might have rather enjoyed watching these “Kings of the Earth” having their bubbles burst. And, being one for whom the future held no terrors, he might have enjoyed the complete uncertainty of what to do next.

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