Abundance Launches First Offer!

Late last year we invested in Abundance, described by The Guardian as a Building Society for the 21st century, more explanation here. Through Abundance, retail investors can buy a debenture on renewable energy infrastructure (e.g. wind turbines and solar farms) and benefit from the long term returns achieved – a bit like having your very own renewable energy generator. Returns can be paid direct through reductions on your electricity bill.

They have just launched their first offer, Great Dunkilns Farm, a wind turbine development in the Forest of Dean.

Abundance has the potential to signficantly alter the capital raising landscape for developers of renewable energy projects, and enable retail savers to benefit directly – avoiding the dreaded bankers. You can save as little as a fiver, make potentially above-market returns and help the move to a low-carbon economy. What’s not to like?

  1. 11th Jul 2012

    Some great stuff here. Anything that connects entrepreneurs to their customers without involving overpaying bankers to risk assess, provide capital, manage exposure or whathaveyou is a good thing. Am I allowed to say it optimises the value chain in favour of the consumer?

    What’s not to like? Its a wind farm. Over-priced machines (that are far from carbon neutral) blotting the landscape with often inactive white satanic mills. They don’t last all that long and are supported on a complex platform of public subsidy. It feels a little bit like the Danes and Brits have finally managed to find a way to siphon off money in the way the French have specialised in for years with CAP abuse.

    Regardless, I’m for the scheme and look forward to it being applied to other systems.

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