Hope and Joy

Too often, those fighting for a more just world get lost in the abstract. Working to re-interpret notions of Fiduciary Duty, for example, is important, but it can be somewhat dry.

Directly intervening to try to prevent a child from being sold into sex slavery is different. Anger and despair, and profound fulfilment and joy are commonplace.

This film is like a gift from those who are on the front line to those who are not, to encourage us. Anita, a heroine of ours, shares her joy as she returns a child from illegal imprisonment in Bangalore to her family in a village, and the excitement of a successful brothel raid.

We are all on the same side, whether we work to influence capital markets in the West, or to intervene directly in the cities of India. Our common goal is that people may experience the joy of a life free from exploitation and injustice.

(for those who are impatient, the girl being reunited with her family is the final 5 minutes of this remarkable film)

  1. 29th Sep 2011

    blimey what a film! …. knocked the wind out of me … I did not “learn” anything new, but it is pretty hard hitting stuff and very moving and inspirational, thank you

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